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Office of Military Education


Position Name

Services department and institute

ext. E-mail
Director of Militarty Education Fu-Zhu Guo

Supervision of the general affairs in the Office of Military Education 

1901 gb127003@ntut.edu.tw

Executive Assistant

Guo-Bing Chang

Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering

Section Chief of Discipline

1902 ping@ntut.edu.tw
military instructor Kai-Cheng Lee

Supervising all responsibilities of Life Guidance Section

1211 k11008@ntut.edu.tw

military instructor

Chu-Hao Liu

Supervising all responsibilities of Extracurricular Activities Section

1281 chuhao29@ntut.edu.tw

military instructor

Chin-Fu Shih

Department of Electronic Engineering



military instructor

Ya-Ting Li

Department of Electrical Engineering

Office of Continuing Education



military instructor

Wei-Chih Kung

Department of Industrial Management

Department of Information and Financial Management

1906 vg641229@ntut.edu.tw

military instructor

Jhih-Hong Jyue

Department of Civil Engineering

1207 pdocv87@ntut.edu.tw

military instructor

Shu-Hsiu Lai

Department of Architecture

Department of Industrial Design

Department of Smart automation engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

1909 salina32@ntut.edu.tw
military instructor  Chia-Chia Chen

Innovation Frontier Institute of Research for Science and Technology

Department of Lecro-optical engineering

Department of Information and Engineering

1203 gaga12503@ntut.edu.tw
Executive Assistant Chih-Chien Miao

Bachelor of special classes

Department of Interaction

1214 miky@ntut.edu.tw
Executive Assistant Sheng-Hsien Chuang

Department of Applied Foreign English

Department of Cultural Vocation Development

1918 choongsen@ntut.edu.tw
Executive Assistant Hsu-Dong Chou

Department of Molecular Science and Engineering

Department of Vehicle Engineering

1205 sunrise@ntut.edu.tw
Executive Assistant Sang-Ni Hsieh

Deparment of Chemical Engineering

Deparment of Biotechnology & Institute of Chemical Engineering

1916 qooshy0125@ntut.edu.tw
Executive Assistant Wan-Yi Hsu

Department of Business Management

Department of Energy and Refrigeration Air Conditioning

1915 via020812@ntut.edu.tw